Top 10 Despacito Cover Songs

 Top 10 Despacito Cover Songs

Check out our, Top 10 Despacito Cover Songs, because here at Latino Music UK, we are not the greatest fans of the original by Luis Fonsi’s and Daddy Yankee’s. This infuriatingly catchy summer smash, we find both the video and lyrics tacky. We obviously understand that the song is catchy as sin, and to boot, I have my five and three quarters years old daughter (them three quarters, very important), who adores to sing and dance along to it.  So, in order to keep things balanced, and me from plunging into despair and madness; we thought that we would share some of the best Despacito cover versions that we have come across. And at the bottom of this post you can find a link to a very well written article, regarding the already mentioned song.
We hope you enjoy our top 10 despacito cover songs, that bring out the nuances of this global phenomenon. By the way, there are more than ten.


 Top 10 Despacito Cover Songs

Despacito | Johnny Jimenez | Harp
In this Despacito cover song, Johnny Jimenez brings his harp to play what is a very pleasant version.


Despacito | Leo Moracchioli | Heavy Metal
Even metal fans can not escape this latino pop tune. So, if gyrating your hips away is not your thing, but you just love the tune, then head-banging is the way forward. I have to admit, this scared me.


Despacito | Indian Classical Music | Praveen Prathapan & Janan Sathiendran
Here is an Indian Classical Version of Despacito! A collaboration with UK based musicians – Praveen Prathapan (flute) and Janan Sathiendran (tabla).


Despacito | Peter Bence | Piano Cover
Peter Bence uses the upright piano to great effect in this clever interpretation. So, we decided to add it to our Top 10 Despacito Cover Songs.


Despacito | Classical Cello Duo | 2Cellos
Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser make up 2Cellos. They look like brothers, I even think they have the same parents; apparently they met in their teens, but what do I know. Look past the cheesy facial expressions and just listen to how good they are. Despacito ala Cello.


Despacito | Kecia Amelia | Violin
Kecia Amelia brings her twist using her violin to play Despacito


Despacito | Rob Landes | Violin
Want to hear how Despacito sounds like on a $1.2 million violin. Then look no further than the playing of it by award winning violinist, Rob Landes.


Despacito | Tango | Antonella Fernandez
From Buenos Aires, Argentina, Antonella Fernandez sings her vision of Despacito combining tango and milonga.

Vocals: Antonella Fernandez / Bandoneon: Gaston Petrola / Guitarra: Fer Acedo


Despacito | Elisabeth y Fresco | Flamenco
If you prefer to listen and dance as an Andalusian (the home of flamenco), then, el cante, toque, y palmas will quench your hunger for Despacito. This version manages to contain the original song as well still managing to do justice to flamenco. It would be nice to hear a live version properly recorded and mixed. We felt this was worthy of a place in our Top 10 Despacito Cover Songs


Despacito | Arabic Instrumental | Mehdi Mahdavikia
Mehdi Mahdavikia appears to play all of the instruments in this Arabic contribution to a juggernaught of a latino-pop song.


Despacito | Marco Antonio Fernandez y Nicolás Zacarías | Tango
A nice little tango duo with bandoneon and double bass


Despacito | Cello, Violoin duo | Verica Čuljković (violin) & Eden Sekulović (cello)
This is described on their YouTube page as an improvisation. I would love to see a finished version of this.


Despacito | Latin Jazz | Jonny May
Azucarrrr! Jonny May hits us with his rendition of Despacito, and brings his Latin Jazz style in to the mix. You are going to want to dance a bit of salsa, when you listen to this.


I Wear Speedos | Mikey Bustos | Parody
A comedic take that puts a whole new spin on the song, using Speedos as its theme. What is there not too like?

We hope you have enjoyed our Top 10 Despacito Cover Songs. And now, why not have a little read of Despacito will not save us.

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